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Digital Healthcare System is a technology. System is web based which integrated patient database, hospital management, manufacturer supply chain and insurance companies. Improve work quality and improve employee efficiency, reduce work load and also fast, economical, making it highly competitive with existing system.

We bring common format in hospital & healthcare management so as to bridge the gap between affordability and technology.


  • Infrastructure
  • Administration
  • Purchase
  • Maintenance

MEMCS - Hospital Equipment Maintenance Magagement

Hospital Equipment Maintenance Management, specializes in all aspects of maintenance including Medical equipments, computer and Electrical Equipments. We are Hospital equipment service provider in the India. We currently serve an extensive network of hospitals & Manufacturs

M-Store - Medical Equipment Sales & Service

M STORE is a medical store supply manufacturer product global Network.

VASTRONIC was established in 2008 and at present continues to be actively involved in health care sector. It is composed of a highly-experienced team in the areas of hospital and medical equipment product sales & service.


We are pleased to present you the vastronic learning centre for the biomedical equipment training in an enhanced and realistic way. This training centre focuses on applications of engineering principle ethics and also the technical difficulties involved in the medical field.

We offer several training courses and products that will help these engineers to brush up their technical skills for the better learning in order to achieve optimum quality in the service, handling and maintenance of these equipments.

Due to our enhanced training these trainees can earn a good name and also a better income with their better handling of the equipments being a fresh graduate. After our training sessions these graduates can flawlessly perform as of a well qualified & experienced Biomedical Engineer.